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Who is IEO?


Intelligent Energy Optimizers was founded and is owned by an engineer, who has devoted thousands of hours to the development of the innovative Optieo Induction Lighting System. This system has resulted in achieving engineering solutions to energy efficiency by applying innovative technologies to each and every one of the Optieo's components.


How is this possible?

Innovation & Green Technology

To develop this innovative product design, IEO took a component approach in it's R&D. By investing in research on each and every part of the induction lighting fixture, output and efficiency were maximized beyond all current systems on the market today. The highest standards of efficiency and green technology were employed to achieve the longest life with the lease impact to our carbon footprint.


What do I get?

Optieo Lighting Solutions

  • A team of professionals capable of evaluating the correct type of fixture and wattage for every location and purpose in the facility, optimizing the use of energy and applying new creative designs to your existing applications in order to create an energy optimized project, including Motion Detection switching.
  • IEO engineers who will assure product quality and reliable supplies, backed by a 5 year warranty.
  • The greenest lighting solution system—with proof and assurance—when compared with any other lighting fixtures available.