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Intelligent Energy Optimizers (IEO)

As our name suggests, Intelligent Energy Optimizers (IEO) optimizes client’s lighting systems by customizing the appropriate Optieo lighting solutions, redesigning lighting heights, applying photometric designs, and developing economical applications which deliver the optimal light for each part of the facility. These solutions allow the client to reap rapid economic returns while simultaneously achieving environmental goals for the entire facility.

Our “one-stop-shop” solutions improve the energy efficiency of the facility by providing design, procurement, and installation services. The solutions use our advanced and innovative Optieo indoor and outdoor technologies. In the current economic situation, it is rare to find products that meet both the company’s cost savings and environmental goals. Optieo lighting solutions provide both.

Optieo energy efficient LED lighting is UL certified, and Energy Star rated. They deliver substantial savings off the electric utility bills, and help customers improve their environmental footprint. They come with warranties of 5 years.

Please contact Nadav Sivan, Owner/Founder at +1-404-474-2077 or via email – nadav@ieoenergy.com or Suhas Apte, Vice President Key Accounts at +1-770-335-6611 or via email Suhas@ieoenergy.com.



Optieo LED Lights

This product comes in different wattage and shapes to meet customer needs.

  • The Optieo bulbs deliver approximately 60-75% electric savings. All lights are UL certified and DLC (Energy Star) rated.
  • All of IEO’s solutions utilize the existing fixtures, thereby eliminating the need for replacing them resulting in a very economical retrofit process.
  • EPA L-79 testing rates the Optieo LED’s at 50,000 hours life span. The bulbs life span is actually extended when used in conjunction with Micro Wave motion detectors.
  • The lights offer an opportunity to further reduce 50% of the maintenance and disposal costs.
  • The reduction in heat emission further reduces the HVAC operational costs.
  • IEO offers two levels of warranty:
    • 5 years for IEO products.
    • Guarantee savings based on 90% of the short fall calculated in our proposal.

LED lighting portfolio includes:

External lighting

  • IEO developed LED retrofit kit to replace the 250W, 400W &1000W MH in an external fixture, with 75% savings.

Internal Lighting

  • In offices or classrooms a typical fixture with - 4 T8 Fluorescents 32W will be replaced with 2 OptieoLED16W hence more than 70% savings). Note: recommended solutions are not one-to-one replacement of light bulbs.
  • High bay fixtures made of 4 or 6 x OptieoLED22W (88 or 132W) replaces 400 W Metal Halide High Bay resulting in energy savings and better.

Project references are available upon request.

How is this possible?

Innovation & Green Technology

To develop this innovative product design, IEO took a component approach in it's R&D. By investing in research on each and every part of the induction lighting fixture, output and efficiency were maximized beyond all current systems on the market today. The highest standards of efficiency and green technology were employed to achieve the longest life with the lease impact to our carbon footprint.


What do I get?

Optieo Lighting Solutions

  • A team of professionals capable of evaluating the correct type of fixture and wattage for every location and purpose in the facility, optimizing the use of energy and applying new creative designs to your existing applications in order to create an energy optimized project, including Motion Detection switching.
  • IEO engineers who will assure product quality and reliable supplies, backed by a 5 year warranty.
  • The greenest lighting solution system—with proof and assurance—when compared with any other lighting fixtures available.