How is this possible?


As our name suggests, Intelligent Energy Optimizers (IEO) utilizes its expertise and product knowledge in the field of lighting retrofits to optimize lighting systems. We utilize the knowledge acquired in years of evaluating the right choice of retrofitted items, customizing the appropriate Optieo lighting solutions, redesigning lighting heights, applying photometric designs and developing economical applications to deliver the optimal light for each part of the facility. These solutions allow the client to reap rapid economic returns while simultaneously achieving environmental goals for the entire facility.

IEO is the developer and producer of the OptieoLED line of products, and therefore, we are able to provide the most advanced products at the most competitive prices.

IEO's OptieoLED offers the most innovative lighting solutions. For example, OptieoLEDT8s are the most advanced in the market at this time with 170 lumens per watt, in comparison with the other manufacturers at 110 to120 lu/w. This quality allows IEO to install 16W bulbs instead of the 22W offered by others for manufacturing and warehouse areas.

IEO's OptieoLED energy-efficient lighting solutions are UL certified, and DLC or Energy Star rated. We deliver substantial savings off of electric utility bills, and help our customers improve their environmental footprint.

IEO's system of warranties provides the client in advance and at no cost, spare bulbs for the full period of 5 years, in order that uniformity can be maintained, and no stock items need to be ordered by the procurement department.

Where applicable, IEO lighting solutions simply use existing fixtures and by-pass the existing ballast (OptieoLED bulbs have built-in electronic drivers).

Making the process even easier, IEO carries out a comprehensive study utilizing photometrics, and thereafter optimizes the retrofit choices. We then prepare an inclusive ROI document that includes all of the applicable Federal and utilities incentives.

A substantial reduction of CO2 & kWh on the HVAC will accrue as a result of the conversion of the Fluorescents to LED of the lowest wattage. This element can be calculated as per the chart attached after IEO completes the study of the location's parameters.

The scientifically proven health hazards resulting from the Metal Halide or Fluorescents "flickering effect" will be completely eliminated, resulting to an improved productivity.

IEO works with the client to determine what presently exists, and details what is recommended as the best replacement for each area.

IEO's study is carried out for our prospective clients with the proven knowledge that increasing light levels will increase productivity by 2.3% for every 5 FT/Ca of increased light levels.