Who is IEO?


Intelligent Energy Optimizers (IEO) was founded and is owned by an engineer, who has devoted thousands of hours to the development of the innovative OptieoLED Lighting Solutions. This has resulted in achieving engineering solutions to energy efficiency by applying innovative technologies to each and every one of the OptieoLED's components.

IEO prides itself, as an engineering energy conservation solutions provider, where the vast experience in the field of lighting retrofitting, created expertise and product knowledge, which helps to do the right choices, when evaluating a lighting project. This expertise is offered as part of IEO’s service.

The company’s mission is to produce engineering solutions and mathematically calculated accurate ROIs, which is the basis for the savings.

Founded in 2006 and owned by Nadav Sivan, a mechanical engineer and an inventor since 1980, with inventions such as: sophisticated crane systems, x-ray equipment, lighting systems and energy conservation devices. 

IEO was partially bought by investors in 2008; Nadav Sivan is the President, CEO, and a majority shareholder of the company.

Rena Kahn is IEO’s VP of Domestic and International Business Development with over 30 years of targeted sales and business management experience.

Clive Rothenberg, MSc in electrical engineering, is IEO's VP of Engineering with 25 years of electrical projects management experience.

Intelligent Energy Optimizers, the inventor and the producer of OptieoLED bulbs and fixtures, is run by engineers with the objective to develop advanced solutions that include R&D, design and manufacturing of lighting custom applications.

Located in Norcross, Georgia we export products to Australia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and China.

IEO Commitments:

IEO would like to be your lighting and energy solution provider. Without reservation we can assure that our products:

  • IEO products are EPA rated at 50,000 to 100,000 hours lifespan.
  • IEO will reduce your lighting bill by 65% to 95%.
  • IEO is committed that as a result of its higher lumens per watt and expertise, IEO will reduce your costs by additional 25% to 40% in comparison to the competition.
  • IEO includes in its retrofitting projects, a better warrantee terms than any our producer in the market.        
  • Therefore, IEO’s proposals will be substantially more cost effective and save you significantly on the bottom line.